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In addition to the usual array of package forms addressing crime perils, URB also offers a variety of conservative monoline crime forms. These forms provide money and securities coverage along with merchandise orientated coverages. The usual perils are burglary and robbery with some forms offering theft coverage. A variety of personal and commercial lines choices is available.

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URB offers a tailored package program designed to meet the typical property and liability requirements of most smaller businesses. This flexible program features a standard form and a deluxe form with a variety of options available to address more specific needs on an individualized basis.


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Class Rates:

This URB property insurance program generates the insurance products necessary to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of commercial risks. Classes of business addressed here include: Habitational, Manufacturing, Mercantile (retail or wholesale), Non-manufacturing, and Warehouses and Yards. An array of specified causes of loss and causes of loss not otherwise excluded forms is offered.


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This is a package program tailored to meet the needs of smaller contracting risks. It is a basic core of coverages supplemented with many optional coverages shown in a single, convenient manual presentation.

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This is a personal lines program addressing risks that are not eligible for the Homeowners program. The primary emphasis is fire and allied lines coverages for residences, related private structures, mobile (manufactured) homes, and personal property in residences and apartments.


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Farm Fire:

This is a personal lines program that is closely associated with the Dwelling program. It is tailored to meet the specific needs of risks involving farm personal property, farm barns, buildings and structures as well as farm residences.


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The Farmowners program is a flexible package policy offering the special coverages needed to adequately address farm risks. It is closely associated with the URB Homeowners program. A broad variety of optional forms and endorsements characterizes the Farmowners program.


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General Liability:

A comprehensive array of general liability forms is made available by URB. Discrete basic hazard forms such as OL&T and M&C are available along with package forms such as Storekeepers, Business General Liability (analogous to CGL forms) and Business General Liability - Extra Coverage (analogous to CGL broad forms). A wide variety of optional forms and endorsements are also available to enhance the standard programs.


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Monoline glass forms are available to supplement that coverage offered in commercial and personal package policies. A variety of glass exposures can be addressed including thermopane, curved glass, lettering and ornamentation etc.


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       Golf Pak:

This is a package program designed to  to meet the needs of small golf courses and/or other golf related exposures.  It includes  basic coverages  supplemented with many optionals.


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Home Business Pak:

This is a newly developed programs tailored to the emerging risks of home office, home production and bed & breakfast exposures generated by the changing work environment. This is a commercial program offering a packaged core of desirable coverages supplemented by numerous optional coverage choices. The program consists of three chapters at present with expansion contemplated.


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The most widely used line of coverage produced by URB. This is the usual array of packaged coverages available for eligible personal lines risks. It features the standard, broad, special, tenants and deluxe forms along with additional special forms and a wide variety of optional endorsements.


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Inland Marine:

URB provides a substantial array of regulated and unregulated Inland Marine forms. They can be broadly grouped as those supporting personal pursuits, those supporting farm pursuits and those supporting merchant or business pursuits.


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URB provides a package program for residential risks that are not adequately addressed by the Dwelling or Homeowners program. This is a flexible property/liability format designed for one and two family non-owner occupied units as well as 3 and 4 family units whether owner occupied or not. This has proven to be a rapidly growing line of business.


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Manufactured (Mobile) Homeowners:

A package adapted to the unique exposure of manufactured homes. In most respects the mobile (manufactured) homeowners is very similar to and closely aligned to the URB Homeowners program.


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Special Multi-Peril:

The SMP is a tried and true package program for commercial property and liability risks. It provides an alternate approach to risks not eligible for BOP programs or those that are not well suited to other commercial programs. The SMP program provides maximum flexibility with the usual package discounts.


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Boat Pak:

This is a new program to meet the needs of personal lines boaters. This program is intended to be a simple, streamlined means to provide an array of desirable coverages to personal boating risks. The impetus for this program is to better serve what appears to be a rapidly expanding market.

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Business Auto:

The Business Automobile program targets those vehicles used for local delivery, farm vehicles and similar suburban and rural business auto risks. This program is intended to be modest in scope and conservative in range while being more user friendly than the programs of other bureaus. 


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This new program addresses both the excess liability and umbrella liability exposure in a user friendly format. The program serves the needs of policyholders with personal or personal farm exposures  and those with commercial or commercial farm exposures. It is expected that the program will be written in cooperation with a reinsurer and that the rate structure will be furnished by that cooperating reinsurer. 

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